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______brisbane · is · "this · fucking · big"__

PWAQ presents "Rise of the Warriors II", May 16 & 17 @ Cleveland Assembly Hall!

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I ish promoting this for a friend. ;)

The Biggest Tournament in Australian Wrestling Returns! Last years Rise of the Warriors weekend was regarded as the 2 of the best professional wrestling shows this country has witnessed, and this year promises to be even bigger!

Confirmed Participants - Wildcards:
Chris Hero (US)
Trik Davis (US)
'Lyte Playa' Roger Ventura (NZ)
Damian Slater (SA)
Robby Heart (SA)
Blakestone (NSW)

Confirmed Participants - Qualifiers:
Mason Childs
Esteban Molina (PR)
Champagne Pyro
James Blade
Rick Sterling
Mark Davis
Ash Riot

Confirmed First Round Match Ups:
Mason Childs v. Chris Hero (US) - Rematch from Last Years Final
Trik Davis (US) v. Mark Davis - Non Title
Ash Riot vs Kyote


Your first look at the brackets for ROTW2 and how they're shaping up.

Hey all,

Just a reminder to specify which nights you require tickets for and how many for both nights. There has already been a lot of interest in this show, and as Cleveland is a bigger venue please make sure you get in early to secure close seats.

Email admin@pwaqueensland.com. All emails ARE received and occasionally may not need to be replied to.

Remember, we can't guarantee front row for both these nights - tickets have been available for pre-book for a while so it is first in, first serve. We can guarantee a seat and probable closeness to the ring, maybe even first but don't be disappointed if it's too late.

Also, please note the different doors open/start times for this weekend - Friday May 16th, it is 7:00pm doors, and for Saturday May 17th, it is 6:30pm doors. This is to allow people travelling from work to make it in time on Friday.

Any seatings/reservation questions, or questions in general, feel free to ask.

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