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At this point, a hypothetical question, but, depending on the answer(s) - so, depending on you - soon to not be hypothetical:

(okay, really a series of questions)

1 are you looking for space in which to exhibit your work?

2 how much would you be willing to pay, as a weekly rental rate, for such a space?

3 would you maybe just like to clear an overflow of old pieces from your home/studio, and could use some extra storage space?

4 if yes to 3, how much could you afford for said storage space?

5 what kind of work is it? What media? More than one?

6 is the work difficult to categorise? Hard to pin down a pigeonhole for? (if so, so much the better ;) )

7 how much space do you feel you could fill, on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis?

8 does, for instance, roughly 2.3 sqm sound like a fair standard space? (keep in mind that size applies to both wall and floor space, and that the dimensions are fairly fixed.)

9 and does, then, $10 - $20 sound like a reasonable weekly rate for such a standard space? What sort of deposit would you be willing to pay to secure a space?

10 would you rather pay a commission, to an established 'reputable' gallery, or a reasonable rental fee to an emerging venue, after which all income from the sale of your work is entirely yours?

11 would you be interested in displaying work in an artist-run initiative that gives you, financially and aesthetically, as much guidance or autonomy as you require? As you request?

12 how important is a gallery's location to you? Does it HAVE to be in the city or Valley to be taken seriously? What matters most about where and how a gallery is to be found?

13 what sort of demographic (sorry, I don't like that word much either) is your work most likely to appeal to? Who's it, if anyone, 'aimed' at?

14 lastly - how close to ready do you feel you are to exhibiting? Got work ready to go? Keen to discuss rates and deposits?

Know anyone else that's likely to be interested? If so, please, pass this message along!

Responses to all questions can be made either via direct comment, or by email to hermes.kemp@gmail.com - please include the phrase


in the subject line of all related emails.

Thank you!


(X-Posted several places, in the interest of developing new local business ;) )
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