______brisbane is "this fucking big"__

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brisbane is "this fucking big"
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_____BRISBANE IS THIS FUCKING BIG: this is an lj community to finally bridge the fucking few parts of the brisbane indie/arty/faggy/whatever community. link in and see how many people you already know.

let's face it, BRISBANE IS "THIS FUCKING BIG". we all know it. who hasn't gone to introduce their friend to someone at a gig or event only to find out that they already know each other "from that project where they worked on that thing with that person, and gees it was fun"

this community was partly inspired by malcolm alexander's article Brisbane's small world in the autumn 2004 issue of griffith review (webs of power) which says:
"In Brisbane there are 314 connectors who link a population of 1930 board members at just 4.68 degrees of separation."

well Alexander, the brisbane indie arts, indie music, underground, volunteer, queer (including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and label-free), and subculture communties are even closer!

so this is a space for people in brisbane to engage, discuss and ignore each other. it's not meant to take away from brisneyland or brisvegas or any other brisbane based lj community, it is simply meant to offer a space for stuff like promotion of upcoming events, upcoming gigs, talks or lectures that might be worth going to. it'a a place to slag of the council if you like, or talk about how crappy the 3am lock out is. by most importantly it is a place to virtually represent the amusingly and sometimes scary interconnectedness there is in brisbane! so link up!

brisbane_is was started by plastikkpoet aka elliott bledsoe

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